Kericho Gold Lazy Afternoon

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Luxury silken pouch- In rich volcanic red soils, this light and the fragrant blend are perfect for a lazy afternoon.

The afternoons are lazy for everyone, and to make it refreshing, you need a perfect cup of lazy afternoon tea. This Kericho Gold Lazy afternoon tea is perfect for the afternoons or any time of the day. It is a blend of different flowers that fragrance your afternoon also. It has the properties of marigold, safflower petals with rose flavors, and it will keep your afternoons refreshing, so you do not have to yawn all day. The lazy afternoon tea bags are rich in many flowers, and they keep you healthy and fresh.

The fragrance of tea is because of the flower petals in it, and it can help you in various ways in maintaining the body. It helps deal with indigestion and various heart diseases, and it can also keep your mind fresh throughout the day. It is not important to have lazy afternoon tea from Kenya in the afternoon, but it is recommended. You can purchase your lazy afternoon tea online.

Ingredients: Black tea, Marigold, Safflower Petals with Rose Flavour.