Kericho Gold Eros Tea

Sexual health, like emotional, mental, and physical health, is an important dimension of overall health.

The Kericho Gold Eros tea is specially designed for lovers. It is a flowery black tea that offers numerous health benefits. The Eros tea bags come up with a naturopathic blend that does not include artificial flavors or sweeteners. If you need a boost to let your libido go, the Eros tea online by Kericho Gold can be the ultimate savior. The eros tea benefits include improvement in immunity, stamina, and endurance. Thus, for people who want to take a step towards sexual wellness, eros tea by Kericho Gold can be a great beverage to try.

EROS tea ingredients have been carefully selected and may help in Sexual health as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle. 

*Results may vary from individual to individual 

Our master blenders carefully source the finest Tea based on the leaf appearance and the infusion qualities like flavor, color, and strength. Each batch of teabags is carefully tested to make sure that the Tea is blended with perfection. The beautifully wrapped tea bags are bursting with lots of functional benefits and innovative flavors. Enjoy your sexual life to the fullest by consuming Kericho Gold Eros tea.

Ingredients: Ginseng, Damiana, Gingko, Nutmeg, Spiced orange.