Kericho Gold Green Tea & Jasmine

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Traditional Green tea and aromatic jasmine flower flavours.

The Jasmine flowers are mainly known for their fragrances, but when their properties are added to the Green tea & jasmine flower tea bags, they also provide you with plenty of health benefits. The Kericho Gold Jasmine blossom tea has a blend of jasmine flowers, green tea, Sencha, and jasmine flavors it which makes it a perfect healthy choice for health-conscious people. This tea has several benefits from the green tea leaves, which aid many digestion and heart problems. These jasmine flower blossom tea bags are packed with the richness of the green tea and jasmine flowers to give you a refreshing caffeine-free taste of green tea and jasmine flowers.

The tea is scented because of jasmine flowers, and it provides you a better way of having tea regularly. You can purchase your bag of jasmine tea online and get the health benefits of it. Make sure to buy the authentic product so you can have the real benefits of it. 

Ingredients: Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers