Kericho Gold Green Tea & Mint

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Tea with Attitude- Uplifting sensations, calming mint infused with Green tea, nothing can burst your bubble!

Kericho Gold Green Tea & mint is a delicious green tea blend that consists of mint leaves. The tea leaves are handpicked from the finest gardens, and highly skilled master blenders create them. Mint flavor tea by Kericho is 100% natural tea. The teabags are developed with extensive research. In addition to delicious taste, the tea also offers numerous health benefits: improved digestion, treatment of bad breath, and soothing of the stomach. Kericho Gold mint tea bags also help in promoting a feeling of fullness by suppressing appetite. It also helps in improving mental awareness and focus.

Mint tea bags online by Kericho Gold come up with fresh and cool flavor along with a tingling finish. The pleasing aroma of the tea will open up your senses. If you are looking for a teabag that can offer you morning refreshment and multiple health benefits, mint flavor tea can be the perfect option to try. 

Ingredients: Green Tea & Peppermint Flavour