Kericho Gold Green Tea, Passion & Jasmine

Tea with Attitude- Intimicacy of extremes, the aroma of passionfruit and jasmine flowers.

Make ways for the most delicious and queen of teas. Jasmine tea is one of the most flavored teas that is recorded in History. Kericho Gold Green tea Passion & Jasmine Tea is famous for its delicious and delicate flavor and scent. While manufacturing Kericho Gold Green tea, Passion & Jasmine tea, the jasmine buds are not removed after infusing them with tea. This way, you will get a lingering taste of tea. The Kericho Gold Green tea Passion & Jasmine Tea online is personally blended naturally in small batches after several rounds of testing and refining. 

The flavor and the health benefits of Kericho Gold Passion & Jasmine tea bags remain intact. The tea is loaded with lots of anti-inflammatory properties because of the presence of antioxidants. The use of jasmine tea by Kericho Gold will help you in getting numerous health benefits. Some of the major benefits include boosting the immune system, promoting healthy skin, and getting rid of aches and pains. Get ready to refresh yourself by including Jasmine tea in your everyday diet.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Passion & Jasmine Flavours