Kericho Gold Night Time Tea

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Health & Wellness- Sleep has a profound effect on our mental, emotional and physical well being. Nighttime tea is a perfect way to unwind and off to bed.

The Kericho Gold night time tea is one of the best relaxing and refreshing caffeine-free herbal infusions that balances delicious taste and flavor. The Night time Tea online comes up in a variety of flavors and infusions. Some of the major flavors by Kericho Gold include chamomile and rose. The refreshing character of spearmint and lemon is also added to the Tea. The Tea tastes mellow and smooth. These herbs also have digestive properties that will help you get a night of restful sleep at night. With the best quality bedtime teas by Kericho Gold, you can try to add a dash of nature’s goodness to your everyday lifestyle.

The restorative night time tea bags are also antioxidant-rich. It is free from refined sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavors. For all health-conscious tea drinkers who want to enjoy Tea without any guilt, tea bags by Kericho is a perfect option to try. The Tea also comes up with ingredients that can be helpful in weight management.

 Ingredients: Camomile, Spearmint