Kericho Gold Pineapple & Mango Tea

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Tea with Attitude- Fruit filled bliss, a fusion of pineapple & mango. Just for you!

Why should you miss your favorite mango and pineapple flavored tea when you have access to the best quality Kericho Gold Pineapple & Mango Teabags? These tea bags are rich in deliciousness and flavor. The soothing aroma of the tea will help you get maximum relaxation. The tea is not only filled with great taste and flavor, but it also includes lots of health benefits. Only the top buds of tea leaves are plucked, and natural flavors of pineapple are added to give you a cup of delicious Kericho Gold Pineapple & Mango Tea. 

The leaves are directly sourced from tea gardens. With the first sip, you will feel the richness of flavor and strength. The Kericho Gold Pineapple & Mango tea can be your perfect companion for the summer months. You will savor the exotic characteristics of fragrant tea buds that will give a lingering taste to your taste buds. Get ready for an impeccable experience by enjoying aromatic and delicious tea by Kericho Gold.

Ingredients:  Black Tea, Pineapple & Mango Flavours.