Kericho Gold Perfect Breakfast

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Luxury silken pouch- A blend of teas from the land of a thousand hills and a thousand smiles- Rwanda &Kenya 

People have this habit of drinking some caffeine in the morning, and for a few, it is a part of refreshing their mornings, but regular consumption of caffeine can cause a lot of harm to your health, making your diet unhealthy. The Kericho Gold Perfect breakfast tea is a perfect blend of tea from Rwanda and Kenya, making it a black tea. These perfect breakfast tea bags are free from caffeine, and they can give you many health benefits and remove caffeine from your diet completely.

This tea is perfect for your breakfast beverage, and hence it is called the perfect tea that will add different benefits to your body. This perfect English breakfast tea is a combination of Rwanda and Kenya’s finest teas, and hence it gives it a rich color. You can purchase a box of perfect breakfast tea online and have the health benefits added to your breakfast regularly.

Ingredients: Black Tea