Kericho Gold Purple Tea

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Luxury silken pouch- A unique and sought after tea, with a distinct taste and colour from the gentle slopes of Mt. Kenya.

Purple tea is much like the other teas in the market, like green tea, except it has got many more health benefits. When prepared, it has purple-colored tea, and it is served directly without adding anything else to it, lemon or citric acid will enhance the purple color. The Kericho Gold Purple tea is derived from the Camellia Sinensis, and it is the same plant as white, black, and green tea. There is a genetic mutation in the plants that are the main cause behind its purple color and the Anthocyanins resulting in the distinct purple color in the tea.

The Kericho Gold Purple tea bags are infused with rich ingredient, and it makes the perfect blend and a cup of tea for lightening up your mornings. The main reason behind its health benefits is the purple tea's anthocyanins are composed of many phytochemicals. It has a similar taste to white tea but has a list of health Kericho benefits. You can purchase your Kericho Gold, Purple tea online also and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Ingredients: Purple Tea