Kericho Gold Royal Earl Grey

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Luxury silken pouch- A regal blend of golden Kenyan teas, delicately flavoured for an uplifting cup.

The rich Kericho Gold Royal Earl Grey tea is a combination of ingredients black tea, natural bergamot oil, mallow blossom, petals, and cornflower petals. It is a rich tea blended with golden Kenyan teas for uplifting your taste and health. The royal Earl Grey Teabags in a pack of fifteen tea bags for your half of the month that you can consume for the fifteen days each every day and notice the big benefits of it. It is made with top-quality ingredients for your everyday sip and has benefited from it. This royal tea is beneficial in boosting immunity, managing digestion, and treating your heart. The other benefits are weight loss and stress management. Regular milk tea can be harmful, so it is best to go for a milk-free tea and keep you disease-free. You can find this Royal Earl Grey tea online at Kericho Gold’s e-store and purchase it. 

Ingredients: Black tea, Natural Bergamot Oil, Mallow Blossom, Petals & Corn Flower Petals.