Kericho Gold Sencha

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Luxury silken pouch- A drink of hospitality in Japan, subtle flavour and vegetal notes.

The Kericho Gold Sencha tea is a blend of green tea Sencha, and it is popularly known as Japanese tea; and Japan is known to have most of the green tea in the entire world, and Sencha is among the top tea from Japan. Around 60% of the total world's tea is produced in Japan, and Sencha is always growing. The Sencha tea bags are prepared with cultivated tea bushes from the Camellia sinensis, and it has got many health benefits.

 The main part, upper leaves, and buds are only harvested for the making of Sencha, and the rest is matured part is used for the Bancha. Sencha tea is produced in large numbers to be sold globally, and it is known for its health properties, so it stays in wide demand and is among the highly recommended teas. You can find your Sencha tea online and get great discounts with benefits. 

Ingredients: Green Tea Sencha